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  • No TEFL Jobs Available???

    By: Jim < Show E-mail >

    Date: Thu, 28 May 2015

    Location: Online (Europe)

    I completed my TEFL course in February 2015. I have applied for 78 teaching positions and have been looked over by every school. I have been told "You have no experience", "You have no degree", and " Your qualification isn't enough".

    I received my qualification fom i-to-i TEFL. I let them know that I wanted to teach in Russia, that I have no eperience,no degree, and that I'm 44 years old. According to them, none of tht mattered. I was told that there are plenty of schools that will hire me because I'm a native English speaker. I was skeptcal, but thought I would try it.

    Has anyone else had problems like this? I imaginethis happens way too often!

    Re: No TEFL Jobs Available??? (views: 4355)

    (Europe) - Fri, 28 Apr 2017
    Posted by deeanalets

    It's very important to choose a TEFL course that will allow for getting teaching practice. The course that I did in Madrid, Spain at TtMadrid ( was focused not only on giving us classes, but also on us making real lesson plans and teaching English to students, so that by the end of it we'd have proper experience. After the course they helped us get in touch with agencies, network, and find jobs. Since you already have your certificate, maybe look into getting some free teaching practices, look for English teacher groups on social networks, and network! Good luck!

    Re: No TEFL Jobs Available??? (views: 6900)

    Online (Online) - Tue, 02 Jun 2015
    Posted by Michael

    There are plenty of jobs out there and even some that will hire someone without the qualifications. That being said, it is usually for those that are there and ready to join to fill an immediate need. Applying online for a future position will mean they will pass over to wait for someone that meets all the qualifications. Regardless, you must remember that without the necessary qualifications you may be unable to receive a proper work visa.

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