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Re: Re: Ideal English in the UAE

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  • Re: Re: Ideal English in the UAE

    By: Julian Dalton < Show E-mail >

    Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016

    Location: United Arab Emirates (Middle East)


    So here is the final installment of yet another scam. Yesterday I visited the web site these guys have put together and I have to say it is very convincing. I decided to try and connect with other teachers and also tried admin and HR. But none of the links worked so I emailed Mr Christopher Anderson and asked for links to other teachers. I also asked him to supply info about himself online as there is no connection anywhere linking him with the school. I haven't received another email from him but I did receive an email about the travel requirements. Below is the email and to me it seems like the same guys who set up the Kings College Dubai Scam, I think they are even using the same travel agent, Al Sahara Travels & Tour LLC for visa processing.

    What should I do now, I am thinking that I will email them and point out that no teacher pays for travel and visa processing. Or should I just end communication now? If anyone has any feedback I would love to ear from you.


      Greetings from Al Sahara Travels & Tour LLC, We wish to
    confirm receipt of your Files from your employer's desk and we wish
    to notify you that we have queued your File for processing.

      Thank you for contacting us and requesting our Professional
    Services in Procuring and processing your employment visa for
    eligibility to work and reside freely United Arab Emirate.

    NOTE: we wish to notify you that the United Arab emirate Visa is an
    electronic Visa type and once procured/processed, the print out will
    be sent to you via email /Fax.


    1. Scanned copy of your valid international passport ( information Page )

    2. passport photo ( white background )

    3.Copy of your signed contract package from your employer 

    4. Processing fess of $ 1,480 ( Payment information will be provided on request )
    (We accept payments via Paypal, Credit cards, Bank/ Wire transfers and U.S certified international cheques).

    As soon as the Requirements are received, we shall commence the
    Registration/ Processing of your relevant Travel documents. Please
    note that it takes approximately 7 Working days for your employment
    visa to be fully procured & processed.

     Once these Documents are ready, we will mail you the Visa print
    out via email and you will be prompted to choose your Travel date for
    the company to procure of your Air-ticket.

    Hassan Adnan
    Al sahara Travels & Tour LLC
    3rd Floor,  Building # 56,  
    Al Jazah Rd - Ras al Khaimah ,
    near Chambers of commerce ,
    Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
    Tel  : +971521260804
    Tel  : +971-7-2330052


    Ideal English School in UAE is a Scam (views: 6851)

    United Arab Emirates (Middle East) - Sat, 10 Sep 2016
    Posted by FAYAD JARADAT

    Hi Julian,  I have also been contacted by Ghristoper Anderson on behave of "Ideal English School" in Ras ALKAIMA, UAE. He offered me a handsome contract to teach English at Ideal English Schhool in Ras AL KAhaima, UAE. He refered me to Hassan Adnan at Sahara Travel , who in turn assked me to send 1380$ as the work permit and processing fees of my visa. I replied That I would send a friend of mine in Ras AlKhaima to pay the fees in person. He categorically refused. He insisted on sending the money through Western Union. He provided me with the following name as the receiver of the money;  "Cornelius Isichei". I realized that I could be the victem of a scam. So, I sent Hassan Adna a fake MTCN , and told him that I already sent the money to the assigned name. To my surprise, Hassan Adnan personally called me on my phone and asked me to verify the MTCN number because the receiver was unable to collect the money from Western Union. He could have sent an email, but, in stead, he called personally. I have all Christopher Anderson's and Hassna Adnan's emails. These persons are real scammers. I really do not know why didn't Ideal English School in Rss ALKhaima take any legal action against them. Fellow teachers, do not ever send any money to cover work permit or visa fees in UAE. The concerend empolyers will take care of such fees. Be careful and Have a very nice day. Sincerely Yours, FAYAD JARADAT, Expert TESOL teacher, 18 years of practical teaching English, HOD of English Dept., Kahlil AlRahman Academy KAA, Amman, Jordan email:  Phone : Mobile +962790296947             Home  +96265356708 Phone: +962 790296947    

    Re: Re: Re: Ideal English in the UAE (views: 6068)

    India (Asia) - Wed, 31 Aug 2016
    Posted by Mohammad Anas

    hello. Exactly same mail I have got from Christopher Anderson. I have crosschecked and found it fake. I think so many people have got same mail. Genuine company never ask money in advance.  Be careful. 

    Al Sahara Travels

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