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  • Looking for work anywhere. No degree

    By: James bowen < Show E-mail >

    Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018

    Location: United Kingdom (Europe)

    Personal Profile

    I am a mature and responsible individual with a creative and resourceful mind, i always strive to achieve the highest standard possible, in whatever I set out do.

    I have just finished studying A-levels and have surpassed my target grades

    I am a confident and enthusiastic individual with I believe good communication skills.

    I have demonstrated exceptional organisational skills throughout studying at both GCSE and A level and I am confident in handling situations of pressure.

    I have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office.


    Career/Volunteering History

    Oldbury Primary School

    Teaching Assistant

    Main tasks and responsibilities:

    I Communicated with and worked with various teams of staff in different classrooms whilst developing my team working skills

    During this time I worked with a range children aged 5-10 aiding their development

    I took charge of small groups of children in activities like group reading and sports

    Working with individual children across the year groups aiding them in problem solving

    I demonstrated a desire for expansion of current skill set in a fast-paced work environment

    Working in this environment helped develop my interpersonal skills through working with a range of staff and students

    During this period I developed creative skills by creating a historical display for one of the classroom walls

    I Learnt to understand students’ needs and requirement[s]

    I undertook administrative duties helping organise school letters to be handed to parents

    Tidied and cleaned the classroom at the end of each day developing my organisational skills


    Fort Royal Community Primary School

    Support worker

    Main tasks and responsibilities:

    During this time I worked with children aged 5-6 with a range of special needs

    I learnt to understand the various needs of the children depending on their physical or mental disability

    I developed team working as I worked with a team of 5 staff throughout the week

    I helped lead the class school dance in front of the children’s parents

    I helped organise and took part in a sport event (running) for the whole school

    During this period I organised and delivered a range of activities throughout the week

    I helped organise and run the school disco

    With-in this role I communicated individually with children showing sensitivity to their needs.

    Tidied and cleaned the classroom at the end of each day developing my organisational skills


    Academic History/ Training History

    Christopher Whitehead Language College (GCSEs)

    English Language (B)

    German (B)

    Business (B)

    History (A)

    English Literature (B)

    Science (B)

    Mathematics (B)

    R.E. (A)

    Additional Science (B)


    Christopher Whitehead Language College and Sixth Form (A-levels)

    History (B)

    Sociology (B)

    Psychology (C)


    Oplex Careers

    Level 4 TEFL Masters course- Higher Distinction



    I have shown an interest, not just in study but in life in trying to understand what the real story is behind the important issues in our society. I am fascinated by the behaviour of others and what makes us act the way we do, what impacts upbringing or culture have on the way we behave.

    I am particularly interested in how we can improves lives of both individuals and families and work with vulnerable people helping safe-guard them from harm or abuse or supporting people to live independently, whether this is through a social, care or through teaching.

    I am interested in sports and enjoy football, both playing and watching


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