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YFLA, One of the Best Schools on Jeju Island Is Looking For Teachers

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  • YFLA, One of the Best Schools on Jeju Island Is Looking For Teachers

    By: Yale Foreign Language Academy < Show E-mail >

    Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012

    Location: Korea (Asia)


    YFLA is located in Seogwipo city on the breathtaking southern coast of Jeju Island in Korea. It is one of the most reputable private academies in Jeju. It was founded in 1989. Since then, it has immensely contributed to its local community through English education. The directors, Han Eun Song and Jin Hee Cho, studied in the United States and lived there for 7 years; thus, they understand the differences between Western culture and Korean culture. Also, they strive to empathize with Western teachers and assist them in being effective both inside and outside of the classroom.


    ¡°Yale is a large and well established private school in Seogwipo City. It has a long history and employs around six or seven native English teachers.

    Yale has a good standard of education which incorporates both online and classroom learning. There are set curricula from which to teach along with plenty of resources and the freedom to incorporate your own materials. Yale encourages good communication between Western and Korean co-teachers. The Korean employees speak English and went out of their way to provide any assistance needed.

    As Yale is a large academy with over a 20 year history, they are very organized when it comes to monthly salary. Pay was on time and accurate and any overtime incurred was automatically included. Yale kept to the contract, severance was paid and flights were booked on completion of the contract.

    Jeju Island is an absolutely amazing place to live if you like the outdoors. The foreign community is small but close. What Jeju lacks in nightlife it makes up for in beaches, hiking trails and camp sites along with snorkeling and scuba diving.

    Overall working at Yale and living on Jeju Island was a fantastic experience.¡±


    ¡°There are many horror stories on the internet about terrible experiences working at Hagwons or Academies in Korea. Yale is definitely not one of those Horror Story Hagwons. Working at Yale was a very good experience for my wife and me. It is large (employing six or seven foreign teachers) and well established (more than 20 years old I believe), so pay was NEVER an issue. Flights and severance were taken care of easily. Even overtime (when earned) was included on time, automatically, and without asking. Both Mintak and Jinhee (your two bosses) speak very good English, and I found them both to be very helpful and supportive; likewise, the rest of the Korean teachers speak very good English, go out of their way to help you, and are fun to hang out with. The beautiful setting of Jeju Island was amazing, but it was really the people at Yale and in the community around it made our time in Korea the great experience that it was.¡±



    * Native English Speakers

    * BA or over


    * March, April and May

    * Three positions


    * 26 actual teaching hours per week


    * Elementary, junior high school, and adults


    * Monthly Salary: 2.1 - 2.3 million KRW (depending on experience & qualifications)

    * Medical and Accidental Insurance: 50 % of medical care premium

    * Round-trip airfare allowance

    * Severance pay (equivalent to one month's salary), paid upon completion of the 12-month contract

    * Summer vacation: 5 days including weekends

    * Winter Vacation: 3 or 4 days including weekends

    * Free, large, modern apartments (VERY NICE!) with washer, stove, TV, video, microwave, and more

    * An established, easy-to-use curriculum

    * American-educated, family-oriented owners who go above and beyond to help you adjust and make you comfortable

    * Regular presentations to improve the quality of English education for teachers


    * References

    * Resume

    * A Copy of the Passport Main Page


    * Mintak Kim, Vice Director of Yale Foreign Language Academy

    * TEL: 82-64-733-9991

    * E-mail:

    * Skype Name:

    * School Blog:

    YFLA, One of the Best Schools on Jeju Island Is Looking For Teachers

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