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Work, Travel Exotic Oriental Countries after Graduation! S. Korea

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  • Work, Travel Exotic Oriental Countries after Graduation! S. Korea

    By: Kate < Show E-mail >

    Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2012

    Location: Korea (Asia)

    Work, Travel Exotic Oriental Countries after Graduation! S. Korea


    Hi, my name is Kate with ETEC(English Teachers Employment Connection) agency, S.Korea.

    ETEC Agency (English Teachers’ Employment Connection) with an authorized license has several years of experience ensuring the institutes.

    Our business goal is to help promising applicants improve the accuracy of getting a reliable job in Korea through us by giving sufficient information and insight into prospective workplaces.

    As the market leader, we value speed, accuracy and comprehensive service that enable ETEC Agency to quickly identify and respond to teachers’ needs.

    Though our company has its roots in Busan, the demands for professional, reliable and decent workplaces seem to have virtually no boundary. ETEC has been only dealing with reliable and education-oriented institutes throughout Korea.


    The following factors enable us to provide unsurpassed service to our clients.

    -Specialization: Our knowledge is relevant to the assignments we undertake. This provides an accurate and efficient delivery result.

    -Cost-efficiency: Our customized high quality service is free

    -Time-saving: We highly value the time of our clients, we introduce only reliable positions willing to work with foreign teachers with open-mind.


    ### What we guarantee ###


    - Contract of the institutes (with details)

    - Contact information of the current ESL teachers’ of the schools

    - Being troubleshooter

    -Comprehensive and substantial information and tips on jobs, visa, Korea culture etc.


    ### General Working Conditions (1 year contract) ###


    - 30 teaching hours a week (Only Mon.-Fri.)

    -Free single fully furnished accommodation

    -Free round trip ticket(up-front)

    -50% medical premium paid

    -Paid vacation (10 days per year)

    -Severance pay(equivalent to 1 month salary)

    -Salary: Min. 2.2 million~ won


    We have multiple positions all over S.Korea for Feb~March, 2012


    If you’d like to get our tailored service, do not hesitate to e-mail me.


    Please let me know

    1) Your available starting date

    2)Preferred city/ type of city (like small or largecity)

    3) Preferred age groups of the students


    If you’d like to get the right service at the right place, please send your resume, the information page of your passport and a recent picture at: (Attn: kate)


    < Qualifications>

    - English-speaking peoples

    -4 years of University degree (BA, BS etc.)

    - No criminal record


    Work, Travel Exotic Oriental Countries after Graduation! S. Korea

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