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Teach TEFL In Africa

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  • Teach TEFL In Africa

    By: Hannah Stephens < Show E-mail >

    Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018

    Location: Ghana (Africa)

    Teach TEFL in Africa!

    Original Volunteers is looking for volunteers to teaching English as a second language to vulnerable children and young adults where English is a second language and young people can struggle in a second language.

    Although all three countries are recognised as English-speaking, children and young adults in marginalised communities are exposed less to English, spending more time in their first language. This can often lead to challenges at school and decreased confidence and reduced educational success.

    It is the aim that volunteers with some experience or basic knowledge of TEFL, even if this has only been an online course, that this will be an asset for children who can struggle without oral and written fluency in English.

    TEFL teaching methods are very different to mainstream methods for native speakers. The majority of non-TEFL volunteers will be drawing on their own learning experiences to teach in Africa.

    Where will I be based?

    Teaching opportunities are available in various orphan schools in Iringa in Tanzania, in poor schools our volunteers have built in Eastern Ghana near Lake Volta and with a street kids centre in Mombasa in Kenya.

    Volunteer English teachers can:

    Choose their preferred age group 

    Teach basic TEFL to younger learners


    Teach intermediate EFL to children aged 8 - 14 who may be struggling with mainstream education

    Use own ideas for inspirational topics, for example, from introducing the children to classic literature to drama

    How to Prepare & What to Expect

    It is hoped that volunteers will be willing to bring resources from home and use mainstream modern TEFL methods to include flashcards, drilling, listening activities, role play and reading.

    For all three locations it will be useful to bring a beginners TEFL coursebook as there is no funding or resources and the children will not have been exposed to TEFL materials previously. Advice on a suitable coursebook will be provided before travel. In Ghana, class size will be 10 - 25, where classes are larger, volunteers share the sessions. In Kenya at the street kids project, class size can be considerably smaller, sometimes one to one. Classes in Tanzania will be considerably larger and would suit experienced teachers as local class support may not always be available.

    Additional resources are non-existent although there will be a blackboard available most days, volunteers will need to bring chalk from home, there is often no electricity/projectors/internet. Although there are internet cafes still in use in Africa for printing additional resources.

    Working hours

    Ghana : 10:00 - 14:00

    Kenya : 09:30 - 12:00 (with option to spend time with boys in afternoon on other enrichment activities)

    Tanzania : Mornings and afternoons in different settings throughout Iringa on part or full-time basis

    About Original Volunteers

    Original Volunteers was started in 2006 with the intention of providing affordable, accessible volunteer programmes in developing countries worldwide. With programme costs starting at £12.50 a week, volunteers can afford to stay a little longer and achieve more on their projects. Some long stay free placements are also available subject to successful completion of a preliminary stay.

    Start dates

    Ghana  Any Sunday/Monday/Tuesday throughout June/July/August/September/October 2018

    Kenya - Mombasa  Any Monday throughout September/October/November

    Tanzania Any Monday September/October/November

    Length of Stay

    The recommended length of stay is 2-4 weeks, longer stays welcome.

    More Information


    Tel: UK  01603 280702 

    Tel Outside UK: 00 44 1603 280702

    More opportunities in other specialisms for volunteering abroad in 17 worldwide locations can be found on the website.

    Teach TEFL In Africa
    Volunteer in Africa

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