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Last year my son, in preparing for a science degree, realised that if he was to achieve his goal, he would need to be reasonably proficient at maths.  After a brief attempt to brush up on the recommended syllabus for the university course of his choice, he downed tools, lamenting loudly that he would never be able to do this because “I am just no good at maths”.   Now, as a teenager, I remember struggling with maths throughout high school.  These days however, at the tender age of 50, I consider myself mathematically proficient.  So, what happened to me between high school and adultho

As a parent, can you cast your mind back far enough to remember what school was like for you? Chances are you were told to be quiet, learn random facts off by heart so that you could stand up and regurgitate them and compete with 30 other children for the teacher's attention. You probably had to sit in rows of desks facing a blackboard and listen to a teacher ramble on for 45 minutes before being expected to complete a worksheet that every other child in the class was also doing. If this style of education seems archaic, it is. But the scary thing is that things have not changed. There are, of

Right now, tutoring services abound. You will discover a number of tutoring heart franchises that have sprung up in strip malls, on the web tutoring, and more conventional one-on-one training. But how do you make an informed choice about which training service to make use of? Here are 5 ideas for choosing the best.

One of the big decisions you will probably have to make if you want to offer private tutoring is how much to charge. If you're working through an agency then the rates are likely to be set for you. If not, then fees for your private tutoring are something for you to decide. But how?

Every family that decides to homeschool must tackle the issue of grading. Do grades help you assess your child's progress? Or is the whole reason for grading a throwback to a content standard in public schools that is not really relevant to homeschoolers?

The importance of parental involvement as an accelerating and motivating factor in their children's education is a worldwide-accepted fact. This research project provides an in depth explanation along with specific reasons, the importance of parents' involvement in their children's education. It also discusses the parenting techniques, their types and their consequences if neglected. It also describes the ways to measure the outcome of the positive parental inv