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We live in a world of euphemisms. When someone dies we say, "they passed away." When a person lies we say, "they're economic with the truth." When a student has a serious retardation we say, "they are cognitively challenged." Euphemisms can best be described as a type of cancer running amuck. The problem isn't with their use, rather, the real danger is the underlying cause that promotes their use. We currently live in a global society that places value on disguising th

As a parent, can you cast your mind back far enough to remember what school was like for you? Chances are you were told to be quiet, learn random facts off by heart so that you could stand up and regurgitate them and compete with 30 other children for the teacher's attention. You probably had to sit in rows of desks facing a blackboard and listen to a teacher ramble on for 45 minutes before being expected to complete a worksheet that every other child in the class was also doing. If this style of education seems archaic, it is. But the scary thing is that things have not changed. There are, of

When a child is having problems in school, it can be stressful for the entire family. The child may feel overwhelmed and embarrassed. A good option for students who are struggling is to find a tutor. The one-on-one interaction allows the tutor to analyze, on a more personal level, what the child is struggling with.

Employment for retired teachers is one hot topic nowadays. Considering that every year, hundreds of old mentors tend to leave school because it is but right for them to retire. However, retirement for some is a dead end. It is in this phase where they will not do anything and simply wait at home idling for some things.

One aspect of the Internet that many people are still unsure about is it's trustworthiness, which is why many people are unsure about Internet tutoring services. Because we don't know who is behind the computer screen when we disclose personal information, we very often would rather not disclose it at all.

Learning a foreign language can be one of the toughest experiences in school. Many students struggle as they have to wrap their minds around completely new concepts, word arrangements, and pronunciations. Luckily, if a student is struggling, there is tutoring help available to make the experience flow a little smoother. So if your child, or a student you know, needs help with a foreign language, let's explore just how tutoring can help them excel.