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It isn't mandatory to send your child to preschool. In fact, if you're a stay at home parent, you may not feel the need to pay for care outside of the home. But the truth of the matter is that preschool isn't just about paying professionals to watch your children for you. There are a multitude of additional benefits that come with attending an early development children's program. Improved Communication and Socialization Skills A childcare center regularly gives children the opportunity to communicate and socialize with other children of their age. The skills learned through personal interacti

Objection 1: No Proof That Early Learning Works To some parents, the concept of "early learning" --- teaching children at a very young age using specific methods and techniques --- may seem like a modern myth, with little scientific evidence to back it up. Yes, one may occasionally read in the newspapers about the child prodigy who could read lengthy books, solve difficult math questions, or play music like a virtuoso, but isn't this more the exception rather than the

How did someone like me end up an educator with a book on the rules of teaching and learning? It's really only natural. I have always been a student and even now at the ripe age of 92 (if you count principal years like dog years), I am still a student both formally and informally.

As a child I knew my place. I did not interrupt adults when they were talking, I said please and thank you, and I understood that as a child I could not confront adults. In some respects I kept my place out of fear and in others out of respect.

Children learn new languages very easily, almost too easily. Most adults find foreign languages quite difficult. They must toil and struggle and put in long hours of hard work to make even small gains in their ability in a new language. But a child seems to just pick it up out of thin air. To a child, it is all play and no work. And, to make it even more frustrating for the adult learner, the results of a child's language play are superior to the results of an

You may have noticed the prevalence of rhyme in children's books and songs, but have you ever wondered why? There are several reasons why educators, authors, and song writers who target young children use rhyme so much.