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Research teaches us that in order for reading to be beneficial to a reader that it must be embraced as a meaning-making process. This suggests that the act of reading involves deriving understanding from the text. Since reading and writing are reciprocal processes, it can be assumed that just as meaning is gathered from reading that some benefit should be gathered from writing. This indeed is true. Writing can be considered an informational-constructive process because

Most states require the successful completion of some type of writing assessment to receive a standard high school diploma. Often the exam is given to juniors and I have found that most students pass on the first go-round especially when they are well prepared by their teachers who require some sort of writing every day in every subject. Whether the course is history, math, or music, when students write in a variety of genres with a variety of formats, they improve. Go

As a relief/substitute teacher, you see many great ideas created by teachers. Here is one such idea. Items one to nine, below, were on a poster with the title, "Writing Checklist" in a Year Three class classroom. What follows each item in the checklist below is what I would explain to my class about each item. (I have reorganised the original checklist into ideas I feel fit together, e.g. presentation). 1. Have I read my writing?  Does my writing have all the ideas I

There are different structures possible in essay writing. In high school, the inverted pyramid or funnel structure is the most widely taught and, therefore, is the form that is demonstrated in this manual. It provides a clear model to enable you to express your ideas effectively and easily, it is important that you master this first.

The biggest question asked by many writers is 'how to write an essay?' Essay writing is an activity which requires appropriate knowledge and understanding about any given topic. The content of an essay is very important and it should not only be well written but should also be interesting.

Another crumpled sheet of paper is thrown into the paper basket, your thoughts are rushing around in your head, but none seems to be worthy to open your essay - you are in despair. You ask yourself: "Why should I torture myself with all these useless attempts to force a cohesive sentence. I just cannot write and that's it." You decide to quit this hopeless pastime and do something much more pleasant. It is easy, I agree. But this way you will never know whether you can write or not. We learn a thing just by doing it - it is obvious.