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Are you questioning how to increase the reading speed of the average Joe? Well, take a quick look at my 10 quick tips for Increasing anyone's reading speed: 1. The Early Bird Catches the Bookworm! First of all, a good habit to get into when trying to identify ways to enhance the reading speed of any reader, is to read early in the day. This will additionally assist with concentration levels. 2. Prioritize Exactly what you Read. Arrange your reading products into four heaps in rising significance. Review the reading piles, starting with the most vital one. You'll ameliorate your reading rate, a

In English we translate sounds into letters when going from a spoken message to a written one. Reading is looking at letters and translating them back into spoken sounds. Picture someone reading out loud. Sound really easy? You might be surprised at how common sense the 4 basic stages of reading progress are from here.

The graded reader can provide several learning opportunities for the ESL/EFL student. Using background information, character exploration and Reader’s theatre, the following article will provide an overview of how through the use of graded readers, an ESL/EFL teacher can activate a student’s schemata to develop an appreciation for second language reading.

Time and time again through the years I have encountered kids who struggle to read, who hate reading and perhaps for that very reason are disillusioned with school in general, yet when they find themselves with a part in the show, the script they are given to read and memorize never leaves their side. The opportunity to be in a show sometimes provides the best - often the first - real motivation for a young actors to voluntarily pick up a book and read...thei

Reading is the key to a successful, happy life. But our schools are filled with reluctant readers-mostly boys and English language learners and reading statistics show that the problem keeps getting worse. It doesn't take rocket science to fix this problem. Here are some tips.

As we are about to embark on a teaching career we as English teachers need to be aware that our students will not always share the same enthusiasm and passion we have for reading. Jeffrey Wilhelm's article "When Reading is Stupid; the Why, How and What to Do About It" is therefore of particular relevance as it discusses the issue of how teachers can motivate their students to read more.