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Teamwork The configuration of today’s work environment calls for people to work more collaboratively than ever before. Similar to how a sports team works together for the common good of the entire team and not just for any one individual. Sports teams typically practice working together on a daily basis that can span over the years. They get to know each other during seasons of individual health, sickness, sadness, happiness, rough times and joyful times. They become very aware of each other’s personality traits along with each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Increasingly, job situati

I’m Adopted! In the fall of 1961, I started Kindergarten, and I was horrified to discover that I was uniquely different from the rest of my 12 classmates-I found out that I was adopted! I was having a conversation-I loved to talk-with another boy about where babies came from, and we agreed that they came from our moms’ tummies; however, he was fast to point out that I, in fact, did NOT come from my mom’s tummy, but instead from some other mom, because I was adopted. I was not sure what that meant, but I remember not liking his tone when he said this, and as a reaction, became very angry,

In recent years the field of neuroscience has been applied to almost everything from the legal profession to sales and marketing. Why? Because every human activity is a result of our thinking and the workings of our brain - and neuroscience expands our understanding of just that. As well as determining how we think, make decisions and generally behave, our brains are obviously key to how we learn, so the more neuroscience uncovers about this, the more the growing field

Overcoming negativity in a classroom in regards to achievement and behaviour can often be a problem that has many strands. For many years I struggled on the rung of being a good teacher, sometimes dipping into the holy waters of being an outstanding practitioner with no great consistency. One of the Eureka moments that improved my teaching and ability to influence a class was to understand Assessment for Learning (AFL). Too many times, buried in the back of a University lecture hall, I had been washed over by the myriad of equally intangible ways to assess a child; never really understanding t

An important responsibility of an ESL teacher is to create an effective learning environment for learning to take place. This involves both actions and the decisions of the teacher. The actions are those things that are done in the classroom, such as rearranging the chairs and desks. The decisions relate to how and when these actions are implemented.

What's this -- classroom assistants must learn to do nothing? Is this crazy talk or what? No, not crazy -- totally serious. It's is often extremely beneficial when managing children's behaviour to stand back and do nothing.