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One of the Herculean but mouth-watering duties of an instructor is assuming the role of a counselor. Despite the fact that an instructor's primary goal is to impart academic knowledge in the field of content delivery, s/he has a secondary and an all-important task of shaping the moral behavior of students. Thus, an instructor's role is holistic centering on the total development of the learner. This explains why instructors are normally painted with the phrase 'shapers of future leaders'. Metaphorically, students are like a herd of cattle while teachers are herdsmen. As fragile, senseless, and

Is formal instruction a hindrance or a facilitator? At the height of the Communicative Approach, Task-Based Learning and approaches whose emphasis was not on grammar, to reject or even suppress explicit formal instruction became fashionable. Some (Krashen, 1982; Prabhu, 1987) even went as far as claiming that it was at best ineffectual and at worst an obstacle to L2 learning. However, Pavesi’s studies (Pavesi 1986, in Carl James 1998: 244) have shown that ‘instructed learners (adults especially) demonstrate higher ultimate achievement’. Also, Harley (1993: 245 in Carl James 1998: 244) po

Achieving optimal results with your blended learning programme depends on it being both effective at teaching your selected audience as well as being cost effective. When web-based learning was first introduced the uptake was enormous but experience has shown that making learning material accessible online

If you are a teacher who finds that "nothing works" to manage some students, this article may help. It's way past time for you to learn about ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Are we transitioning from a “teaching centered” system to a “learning centered” system...should we be?

Remember the rule of 25% TTT and 75% STT? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it means that a teacher should talk only 25% of the time during a good ESL lesson. TTT = Teacher Talk Time, and STT = Student Talk Time. In the early days of my ESL teaching career, I found this impossible to achieve, in fact I found it really difficult to get students to speak for 25% of the time! Have you found the same problem? Do you have a solution? Maybe this i