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The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. - Henri L. Bergson Teaching is pointless when behavioral objectives are not highlighted and employed. They are performance indicators that determine the effects of learning. They direct how the learning process should be administered in a formal or non-formal classrooms. Their effects can generate feedback on how reinforcement, remediation, and development can be designed. With a few of these significance menti

Overcoming negativity in a classroom in regards to achievement and behaviour can often be a problem that has many strands. For many years I struggled on the rung of being a good teacher, sometimes dipping into the holy waters of being an outstanding practitioner with no great consistency. One of the Eureka moments that improved my teaching and ability to influence a class was to understand Assessment for Learning (AFL). Too many times, buried in the back of a University lecture hall, I had been washed over by the myriad of equally intangible ways to assess a child; never really understanding t

21st century, latest technological gadgets and modern outlook - we seem to have everything. There's still something which we crave for when it comes to education for our little ones and that is different teaching methods.

The focus in schools today is to raise achievement among our students. While that is an admirable goal, I suggest that schools evaluate what they are already doing well. Then, get rid of those less important strategies and focus on those that are really working.

American higher education is shifting from a focus on what teachers teach to what learners learn. The role of teachers is shifting from one of disseminator of knowledge to facilitator of learning. One of the ways that we can encourage the shift to occur is in the construction of learning centered syllabi.

Remember the rule of 25% TTT and 75% STT? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it means that a teacher should talk only 25% of the time during a good ESL lesson. TTT = Teacher Talk Time, and STT = Student Talk Time. In the early days of my ESL teaching career, I found this impossible to achieve, in fact I found it really difficult to get students to speak for 25% of the time! Have you found the same problem? Do you have a solution? Maybe this i