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If a sentence has a singular subject, it is followed by a singular verb and if it has a plural subject, it is followed by a plural verb;that is, the verb agrees with the subject. Compare: • She lives in Thailand. • Most people live in Asian than in any other continent. Some nouns with a singular form can be treated either as singular (with a singular verb) or (with a plural verb): • The council has (or have)postponed a decision on the new road. Other words like t

Making Comparisons in English There are several ways to make effective comparisons in English. Using these expressions with animals is one of the more interesting and colorful ways to do so. Here are some of the more common metaphors and similes in colloquial use. "Big as a Whale" With some species weighing up to 180 tons (200 short tons) and measuring up to 98 ft. (30 meters) in length, whales are some of the largest animals currently known to man. "Blind as a Bat" While not quite true, bats are not really blind. They are simply adapted to avoiding obstacles and finding prey or food in nearly

So here's another example of a short paragraph story which I've used to teach pronunciation of the past tense in English using regular verbs. Admittedly, it takes some thought to write one of these but the effort is worth it since the learners seem to enjoy this form of grammar in context. Normally, a passage would contain a mix of both regular and irregular verbs in English. However, when practicing the -ed, -d, -ded, and -ted endings pronunciation, these types of exercises can prove to be invaluable. A short paragraph story of this type is much more difficult to pronounce and causes the spe

Difference Between The Simple Past And Present Perfect Tenses

This is an activity that ESL teachers can use to get students practicing English grammar.

English is today's lingua franca; its evolution is driven by the current demands for information and the need for global communication. It has unarguably become an important academic and professional tool. It is recognized as the most important language through which the increasingly mobile international community interacts and learns. However, despite its worldwide use, English is still considered the most difficult European language to learn and read