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~~1. Establish ground rules from the first day of class and be clear, consistent and fair throughout 2. Remember the learners' names. Encourage them to use and remember their classmates' names. Use their names often when teaching (ie. talking to them, making requests, TPR exercises, learners passing back notebooks or workbooks, playing games, etc.) 3. Show them what to do. Don't explain. Just do. They will follow your lead. English needs to be experienced, not explained. 4. Encourage trust between you and the learners. Through your actions show them that you will never embarrass them for m

Going to teach in the Middle East can be an amazing and rewarding experience. You'll get to experience new and exciting cultures, make friends with people you might never otherwise meet, and you also get to take advantage of the travel opportunities. Before you quit your job and pack up your home, however, consider these three things.

English can be very difficult to learn and there are many reasons for that. First of all, let's look at where the English language comes from: Latin, Greek, Norse, Germanic tribes (Saxony, e.g.), French (Norman), and many others. In days of yore in Britain where English started, there were the Angles (a tribal people)...thus Anglish which became English. However, the Angles had originally crossed the Channel from Germany as did the Saxons. Brittany is in Fra

Formal testing is important to both student and teacher and may be administered at either the start of a course; end of a course or at the end of a specific area of work such as at the end of a unit in a course book. There are various types of formal tests which will be discussed as well as what should be tested and the criteria for tests.

When I first thought about teaching English in a foreign country many of my friends said to me I shouldn't bother getting a certificate to teach, most private students don't ask to see it, and getting a job in an academy restricts your ability to travel. Well I disregarded their advice and applied for a place on a CELTA course, I spent a lot of time preparing for the course, and then found myself working 80 hours a week for weeks to get my CELTA.

For those of us working exclusively with authentic materials or even for those teachers who use them to complement their classes, spiral second language teaching plays a key role in their students’ learning process.