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Having retired from public education after about 35 years in the classroom, I encountered withdrawal and so returned as a volunteer, guest presenter, and college supervisor. There are few thrills greater in life than working with excited teachers and engaged students. I have discovered that good teachers want to get better; great teachers wish to advance strategies and skills; fantastic teachers want to know and be and do terrific things every day in every way to reach and teach every child. Regardless of the above mentioned category, these teachers want to improve so that their lessons engage

Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension Many elementary students are afraid to read aloud in front of their teachers, classmates, and even their family members. This poses a serious dilemma in that the practice of reading aloud builds reading fluency, which in turn, enhances reading comprehension-the ultimate goal of reading. When students understand what they’re reading, the potential for reading enjoyment is greatly enhanced. Granted, elementary students can read aloud to themselves when they are alone, however, if they struggle with reading, this is an unlikely scenario. Therefore, itâ€

Today in education, more than ever before, teachers have to know how to analyze data. For the most part teachers have mastered the art of administering assessments. There is no shortage of assessments. We use screeners, diagnostics, progress monitors, and outcome assessments. And let's not forget the good old test prep. Test prep is probably the most-used assessment of any other. One of the more useful ways to analyze data and sort kids into groups that I have used is the "Four Quadrant Sort". The purpose of this article is to explore several different reading and math four quadrant sorts.

Teaching is sharing knowledge and something good about life. Teaching is giving inspiration to students and how they could be the best and good of what they are. Teaching is the teacher as a good example of truth and righteousness.

Education is important. For thousands of years knowledge has been passed from generation to generation, from basic survival skills to an understanding of culture and the arts. Children learn an awful lot from their parents and immediate family in their formative years, how to communicate, being toilet training and how to dress themselves may all seem like very basic skills, but they are vital for everyday life. The vast majority of children in the UK are sent

A Boston Globe editorial stated that for "40 years, study after study on grade retention has reached the same conclusion: Failing a student, particularly in the critical ninth grade year, is the single largest predictor of whether he or she drops out" (Edley, 2002). The editorial goes on to state that "widespread retention further exacerbates the achievement gap..."