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According to Lucia Capocchione, play keeps us vital and alive and it gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good. Play is an integral part of childhood and an early childhood education is extraordinarily affected by naturalism. Thus there is no preferred route over fusing recreations and play in the technique for instructing kids. Play can drag the eager personalities into the classroom material in an all the more fascinating route and in addition it helps the children appreciate what they are realizing. Play consists of whatever a body is

As an instructor of over 20 years, I have had my share of co-teaching model experiences. Most of them were very good experiences. Some of them were difficult situations. However, I still believe a true co-teaching method is effective for both the special education student and the regular education student. Co-teaching is a method of teaching students with two certified teachers. One teacher is a special education instructor and the other instructor is a regular educati

Last year at Back-To-School-Night, I was pleasantly surprised to see both parents of a struggling student show up. The student was in my accelerated 9th grade class. She had an F, she didn't do any homework, and always came into my classroom smelling like cigarettes. Up until then I had minimal contact with her parents. They were hard to get a hold of, made vague promises they would help turn her around, but the next day she would still show up without her ho

Communication between people who have a task to achieve is crucial. And what more important job is there than educating a child? It's a monumental undertaking, but fortunately, the efforts of a few improve exponentially when everyone is working together.

Now that the fall semester is gearing up, you're probably cooking up new ways of getting today's students engaged in their studies. And since conducting class via Twitter sounds neither feasible nor appealing, it might be time to look into your other options.

All teachers want to be great teachers. But the pressures of lesson planning, grading, preparing materials, and talking to parents often eat away at the little time we have to work on being a great teacher. This can lead to frustration and feeling as though you are failing your students.