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Facts about Volunteering Teaching in India. Volunteering teaching is one of the noblest acts anyone with proper education can do for others. The best gift you can give to anyone is knowledge; this gift abides forever with whomever it has been given. Every other thing can be lost in this world but the education that one acquires can never be lost – it abides forever. When you volunteer in India as a teacher you are offering the most precious ruby that can never be los

~~Stages of a Grammar Presentation When presenting new language or structure it is important to remember that for some learners it will be a necessary review while for others it is an introduction to a new language point. Language presentation has a number of stages: 1. Lead-in – put the language into a recognisable context so the teacher can bring out the meaning or learners can see the meaning without a lengthy verbal explanation 2. Elicitation – Increases the opportunity for STT (student talk time), keeps learners engaged, focussed & finds out what they already know 3. Explanation/Cl

The act of not learning can be most evidently noticed through boredom. When one is bored, one does not learn. Boredom impedes on a students ability to learn because it indicates a lack of motivation to internalize the material. However, a student's boredom does not necessarily reflect poor teaching methods on the educator's part-thought it can-it can also be caused by numerous other factors. External factors such as a social issue or internal factors such as a learning

Every process has a rhythm as in a process of making a food. In a certain time quick and skillful actions are required, while in another time slow and careful treatments are necessary to make. This process is also true in teaching English. In a certain condition a teacher needs a quiet class that charges students with attention and concentration, while in other situations cheerful and engaging activities are desired to create.

Here are several ideas that you may want to try using in your own classroom. They have made my life easier, and I am sure they will do the same for you as well! One of the best things you can do as a teacher is "arm" yourself with knowledge that will help improve your classroom management skills, teach you how to prevent and deal with behavior problems, and help you plan lessons more effectively.

Do it how the professionals do it. Leave the guessing. There are simple ways of gaining the attention of any age group, and then keeping them engaged.