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Homework plays a significant role in child studies as it is an assignment given by the school and tuition teachers to test the learning skills and attentiveness of the students. So, parents should take an interest in helping their kids with homework by supporting their strengths and weaknesses and also focus on resolving the difficulties along with teachers. Please find below some of the homework tips: Plan a day schedule: If the kids, spend their whole day in the studies, then they feel bored and stressed and could not focus on the studies. So, the parents should plan a day schedule which inc

Have you ever taken a moment to watch a honeybee in action? Did you marvel at the way she methodically drifts from flower to flower collecting her "basketfuls" of pollen, only to navigate unerringly back to the hive? Did you ever wonder where she learned to do her job so well and to navigate so precisely? The answer lies with Mother Nature, herself.

The tried and true method of using flash cards has hung around for a reason. Flash cards work. But for some students, there is an element to using flash cards that makes them even more effective. Let's look at a little twist on how you can use flash cards to help you study more efficiently, learn faster, and hold on to that information longer.

It can be difficult to motivate struggling readers. However there are many proven methods that you can use. Encouraging fun, informal reading might seem counter intuitive, especially to parents of struggling readers who tend to focus more on reading accuracy. So here are some great tips on how to motivate your child this summer.

MindMapping is a tool that has been developed to enable a person to clearly organize his thoughts and ideas and create visual maps in his mind so that he can find solutions to problems.

Preparing yourself for a content test; or a reading comprehension test, can seem intimidating, especially if the idea of reading through lengthy passages and writing long essay answers makes your stomach turn. But here are some study tips to help you master even the longest most boring content test.