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Why is the traditional lecture approach to teaching so ineffective for learning? There are many reasons, including that it generally lacks engagement, most people dislike sitting in one spot for long stretches of time, and, oh yeah, it's BORING! Of course, if you've ever sat through a long lecture as a student (and who hasn't?), you already know this. But there are also important biological reasons why lecture methodology doesn't work well. The first issue is an inp

Abstract: The piece is divided three-fold. Initially the author investigates schematic theory, largely drawing upon secondary sources, and its necessity to the English language classroom. The literature search carried out is thorough and a conclusion, regarding the stipulation of schematic activation, is drawn within the context of Saudi tertiary education. The second part of the investigation centres around the text chosen, the reasons for choosing the text and its relevance to the previously stated context. Again the research carried out is largely secondary, though some primary research is

Free character education lesson plans are the subject of much wishing by educators. It reminds me of the idiom: "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." First recorded about 1628 in a collection of Scottish proverbs, that idiom suggests that if we could have what we want simply by wishing, our lives would be easy. It suggests, too, that wishing is useless; we are apt to get much better results with action.

At least a few times during the school year, you will hear yourself or other teachers talk about how the lesson for your English language learners didn't go well. For ESL activities to be largely successful, a teacher needs to find ways to motivate the students since some students may not love learning English as much as you enjoy teaching it.

Here are seven instant lessons ideas that use coloring pages to extend and engage your class. This is a terrific way to settle younger students - ten minutes coloring in will calm and focus them which opens up the opportunity to discuss and explore ideas further.

How often have you, a preschool (or home/family day care) teacher, been in this situation? Your preschoolers have gone for the day; the collages they made today are on display; and you're ready to leave. You're a great preschool teacher - tomorrow's lesson plan is done. You've got a great preschool game and activity for your circle time.