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The following is an article response to the discourse between two prominent researchers, Noam Chomsky and Jean Piaget, who debated on the psychogenesis of knowledge and its epistemological significance (Beakley, & Ludlow, 1992). The premise of the debate, led by Piaget, was to argue that the hallmark of cognitive development is "construction of the new", a constructivist concept. According to Piaget, constructivism explains how individuals are actively involved in a constructive exchange with the environment through assimilation and accommodation which contributes to the acquisition of learnin

Learning comes in different forms and its importance varies from person to person. If someone is taking it lightly then it is something which is very easy to learn, but on the other hand some people think of it as an extremely difficult task to accomplish. However, teachers are always there to help to overcome the obstacles and make learning uncomplicated. They make learning easier for students helping them understand the knowledge or information better. Learning is a joint effort, as in most of the cases the process of learning involves both the learners and the teachers to make learning effe

Why do parents send their children to school? Why are you reading this now? Why does the government spend tax payers money in funding public education? Why does the teacher teach principles, concepts, facts, etc? Is school learning relevant to real life situations? These questions are focusing on the usefulness of education and learning to the learner and to the society. This is the subject of transfer of learning. Parents send their children to school because they believe the school can transmit desirable attitudes, skills, knowledge, behaviors and attitudes to the children. The government fu

The concept of empowerment is not new; it's been around for a long, long time. Certainly when I was training as a community development worker and a youth worker, I first learned of (and learned to love) the concept of 'empowerment'.

It's important to actively involve students in the learning process. This is generally done at the elementary level, but, in some cases, gets lost, especially in high schools. Involving students makes the subject more interesting to them.

What's one of the things all successful students have in common? The can memorize easily. They remember the facts and details of battles in history, the formulas in math and the unending list of elements in science. So what can you do to help your child develop memory strategies that can instantly help them be more successful in school?