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English is a language that inspires. Every English learner should know that only developing speaking English skills will fetch you barely any polish. A well-polished speaker is someone who knows and understands the in and out of the language. It should be 'a piece of cake' for you. Confused? Well, 'a piece of cake' is a famous idiom in the English language. It is used to state that 'it is that simple/ easy'. This article will help you learn and understand the ten most

One of the factors that indicate success in ESL classrooms is the proficiency of students in oral communication. Whether the ESL class is for basic, intermediate or advanced learners, the ability of students to articulate simple to complex ideas in English can be verified, assessed, and improved using various ESL techniques.

A short paper on how Japanese learners of English face particular problems when it comes to the act of listening and some ideas for how to overcome these obstacles. This paper might be useful for anyone who is teaching beginning level English students in Japan

Joanne Elliot outlines several activities for using groups to teach children. Activities include cultural charades, word association, and memory momentum.

In this paper an attempt will be made to briefly deal with the notion of communication, communicative language teaching, its implications for teaching reading. To achieve this goal, we shall look at the reading process from a communicative angle within the framework of discourse.

JOURNAL ENTRY 2 "A giant leap into the past - observational reflections in the classroom" - I was hit with a familiar sense of dejavu when walking through the gates of Glendowie College. I had been here before but in a different time. Passing the school corridors I passed a photo of myself taken by my first boyfriend for bursary photography in 1994.