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Learning a second language is always beneficial in numerous aspects and when it comes to learn English, it gives you plenty of functional benefits concerning your day to day life. Being a smooth and confident English communicator would help you out conversing with more and more people from the corners of the world, makes your way of thinking broader, and makes easy to get a good job. Apart from these, there are numerous other advantages of learning English and a few of them is mentioned below. 1) Better intellectual flexibility: This indicates that people who know two or more languages can bec

Learning an additional language can be a procedure that takes a great investment of a tremendous amount of time as well as, as students focus on learning the complicated nuances of another tongue. High schoolers, this investment might seem to be a total waste of time or an unnecessary complication to become together with a choice of other difficult subjects demanding one's attention.

Have you ever read a note or letter that contained words, words, and more words but no punctuation? Well, I'm glad to say that I have, and I'm certain I used to before I learned English Grammar and Punctuation. While working with an English Language Learner (ELL) student some years back I remember asking the student to write a paragraph in English, the handwriting was beautiful and legible, however, there was not a single punctuation mark.

English language learning around the world is evolving in surprising and sometimes alarming ways. A few decades ago, the language learning process was either moderated by native speakers (NS) of English or proactively initiated by second language learners who travel to English-speaking countries to study and become proficient in the language. In many language encounters, English translators were also in high demand to facilitate a clearer communication between pe

While you're learning English as your second language, you should know that there are millions like you trying to understand the complexities of the language, such as: irregular verbs and their applications, the difference between many and much, trying to pronounce the group of consonants TH to sound as natural as possible. You're not alone! Yes, there are more millions people across the world trying to learn English and around 1.5 billion people who already speak the English language.

One of the most important aspects of a teacher's job is to motivate students. In order for a student to be motivated, he or she must possess a desire to learn and be willing to aim this desire toward achieving academic goals. For successful student motivation to occur, a student must want to participate in the learning process.