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Educational benefits of using poetry Poetry could be used as a medium to teach language as it shows a path to teach basic language skills. Some of the educational benefits of using poetry are explained by Sarac: Different viewpoint for language: It broadens the seeing perspective of learner, as they begin to use language in a completely different way. The grammar used in poetry is different (it does not follow typical grammar rules) for example, incomplete sentences. T

Studies have proven that speaking two or more languages not only aid in cognitive development, but also makes smarter and decisive individuals. But are you struggling in your new found enthusiasm to learn a new language? A few basic tricks can ease the whole process and even make learning a new language fun! Whatever be your reason to learn a new language the act itself can be challenging for many beginners. Learning anything new even a language requires a lot of hard

When learning a new language it's always great to get out there and interact, get real-life experience and learn from those who use the dialect every day. However, it's not uncommon to seek safety in the traditional non-interactive methods of language learning such as CDs, books and classes. But why is this? When more progressive methods are proven to yield better results what is the lure of sticking our nose in a book and repeating words under our breath?

It's a well-known fact that adult learners of languages have a much more difficult time of it than children do, for the simple reason that children's brains are far more malleable when it comes to language learning. In fact somewhere after the age of eleven, the native-language learning centre of the brain gets...

English is now become International language and on the other words we can this is the language of the Internet means most of the website, directories on the internet available in English. But all the people don't have good English language, so how to improve English language or how to measure English language abilities.

English Language Learners (ELL) are the fasted growing group of students in our public school systems. In some systems, their numbers have more than doubled during the past decade. In order for these students to participate meaningfully in the academic activities required to meet standards and make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), educators must facilitate the development of language skills beyond those of social fluency (Jarrett, 2002).