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Craft activities Craft activities are great fun in the classroom and are especially effective young learners. Activities can take more time to prepare in advance, and can turn out to be messy, but they also create meaningful learning opportunities and help make language seem more real. Below are some of the advantages of doing craft in the EFL classroom as well as some top tips for carrying them out. Advantages of craft activities Creativity Craft encourages children’s creativity and allows them to express themselves and their own designs. As with all creative tasks, this works best when chi

If you have ever been in a classroom environment, you will know that there are times when it is a nightmare. The students won't be listening, they will be chatting over you and if you have younger students, then there could even be screaming. On those days, teachers are more likely to go home and feel like pulling their hair out, rather than having a sense of helping people and achievement. They will probably feel like giving up. If the teacher is new, then this could

If you're a student who has an iPad and are interested in some apps that you can use to stay organized throughout your school year, pay close attention here. There are literally hundreds of back-to-school apps available for the iPad. Choosing the best apps to stay organized can be overwhelming. But don't worry. We've found five powerful applications that can help you learn faster, keep track of your assignments and stay on top of your class. Download them ASAP to your

Teachers are sometimes tempted into making easy lesson plans because they find it so hard to control a classroom, but by creating more creative and innovative lesson plan students are far more likely to become engaged and be better behaved than if they are bored with the same repetitive teaching techniques. Here are some ideas of how teachers can make their classes more fun and engaging for their students, · Group Work- Dividing the class into individual groups is a great way of promoting team work within the classroom. This is an essential skill for later life when entering onto the career p

Teachers are always trying to figure out different ways to come up with an assignment to make their students imagine. A great way to add a different twist to the imagination assignment is to bring in a Kinetic Picture. There is such an array of décor items that anything can be made up.

Are you a first year teacher? Have you taught in the past and are returning to the classroom? Do you crave knowledge about specific tips and tricks that will help your school year run smoothly? You might be brand new to the education scene or have a few years of teaching under your belt. Either way you can learn from teachers, professors, and educators with years of experience in the field of education.