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~~Pictures and photos are a valuable resource for stimulating classroom communication and can be used for more than setting the scene and eliciting vocabulary. Rather they can provide numerous opportunities for learning English while communicating about real-world events. The activities listed below are merely some examples and can be easily modified and adapted for use with different learners, a wide range of target language, communicative goals and learner needs. As with all activities these need clear, imaginative demonstrations to encourage learner participation. Using 2 or 3 pictures as e

Craft activities Craft activities are great fun in the classroom and are especially effective young learners. Activities can take more time to prepare in advance, and can turn out to be messy, but they also create meaningful learning opportunities and help make language seem more real. Below are some of the advantages of doing craft in the EFL classroom as well as some top tips for carrying them out. Advantages of craft activities Creativity Craft encourages children’s creativity and allows them to express themselves and their own designs. As with all creative tasks, this works best when chi

When you want to deliver a survey to a group of people, such as a body of students, it is necessary to remember that this is just like giving a speech. You will want to introduce yourself and your mission to them so that they will be familiar with you and your means. An introduction is always important, so that you will gain familiarity with your students and their parents to help them feel secure about participating in your survey.

Back to school, fall leaves, Thanksgiving and Christmas all easily lend themselves to great decorating themes, but what to do when those are over and spring is months away? Invigorate your classroom this winter in color and pizzazz with some simple and quick designs.

For many of our students, the classroom is the focal point of their English exposure. It is the base of where, when, why and how they speak English. The physical appearance of the classroom in itself is very important. And because of its importance, I am often amazed at how many English classrooms in Japan lack stimulating visual English materials.

When I first starting teaching ESL in the 60’s, the Israeli Board of Education was using short story books (“This Wide World”, “New Horizons”) as high school ESL textbooks. Each story was followed by comprehension questions, but no language exercises – teachers were expected to write their own!