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Language teaching is a unique field which has seen a tremendous amount of change in recent years. Emerging technologies have fundamentally altered the language teacher's role and opened up instructional opportunities undreamed of just 15 years ago. Government policies have mandated bilingual education programs, fostered the development of a Common European Framework, and acted to protect endangered languages. Theoreticians have moved to a post-method era in recognition

Over almost fifty years in the classroom, I found I needed to find ways to reduce stress. Stress became greater as I accepted more responsibility in the second half of my career as a head of a large Mathematics department. During this time, the school grew and there were significant changes in the Mathematics syllabi and in the teaching of Mathematics. I found that my time was not mine anymore with students, parents, teachers and the school administration wanting my ti

Resist the Push to Follow the Crowd The greatest obstacle to effective and successful teaching doesn’t lie outside the profession, but within the profession. Over my almost 30 years of teaching, half as an elementary teacher, and the other half as a university professor, I have been constantly bombarded by other teachers meaning to stifle my voice. I recall during my first elementary teaching job the principal telling me that he admired my resolve at not giving into peer pressure to “follow the crowd.” At the time, I was not exactly sure I knew what he meant. It wasn’t until years late

There are literally thousands of people "Googling" the phrase "classroom management" every day. They are really seeking strategies for dealing with students who misbehave. Ironically if they did spend more time on classroom management they would have fewer students who feel the need to misbehave. Let's take a look at what classroom management is, and some strategies to make your class a better place to be.

Many job seekers spend a lot of money on futile distribution of resumes and cover letters, especially when they do it by mail or by walk-in. Luckily there are several, more effective ways to make resume submissions for your job hunting endeavors. Here’s how.

CPD or not CPD? That is the question. The aim of this essay is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of which it has been said "is fast attaining an as yet unchallenged status as orthodoxy" (Sadler-Smith and Badger, 1998).