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One issue that comes up again and again from teachers that are in Korea is the issue of people coming up to them on the street and wanting to practice their English. For some teachers this is a source of constant frustration. “I’m not a walking dictionary”, one teacher put it to me. However, I’d like to raise the issue of whether or not this is really something to get bent out of shape over.

Food In China

Admin - Apr 03 2015

Food in China is great!!! The variety is beyond compare. You can get whatever you want to eat here in China, well at least if it lives or grows here in China. I have been in China for about 6 months and decided to go out for a small get together. At that time I was living in Wenzhou which is a coastal city in the southeast of China about 150-200 miles south of Shanghai. At that time it was very well to do. So we booked a table at a local place. Now in Wenzhou the custom of the local restaurants is that there is NO menu. Everything is fresh. 

Job Creation in China

Admin - Apr 02 2015

Now if you have read “The Hole Story” you understand a bit about the great job the Chinese government is doing in regards to creating jobs for the laboring class. But what about the university grads? They have spent many a sleepless night at KTV or playing video games. 

The Shanghai Metro

Admin - Apr 02 2015

Over the years the metro here in Shanghai has been a source for interesting stories. The population of metro area of Shanghai has recently been estimated at over 25 million. Each and every day more than 7 million of Shanghai commuters wend their way to and from work or for whatever reason via the metro.

Where to Teach in China?

Admin - Apr 01 2015

Where Should I Teach?  So you have done your research and made a decision that you are going to make the journey to come to teach in China. It’s a huge step so you will need to take many things into consideration.  

Learning to Teach

Admin - Apr 01 2015

Call it an oxymoron, but the only way to teach effectively is to learn how to teach. And coming to teach ESL in Asia is all one big learning experience for you, the teacher. You will probably spend more time learning for yourself in your first few months than you will be able to teach others what they are supposed to be learning. Confused? Let me break it down.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Overseas

Admin - Apr 01 2015

Being away from home for any length of time is difficult. It is even more difficult when the holiday season comes around and you cannot celebrate with your friends and family back home.  Luckily, if you have some good people surrounding you during this time, you will accept the change and look at it in a positive way. 

National Holidays in China

Admin - Apr 01 2015

Whilst teaching English in a Chinese school, I have not only imparted knowledge, but also in turn learnt so much. Not only about a different language, and culture, but also something more. Something more fundamental. The different beliefs and attitudes to certain aspects of life, compared to that which I am used to.

China Visa Information

Admin - Mar 31 2015

Everyone is very concerned about what type of visa that is required to work in China.  There is ONLY one legally type of visa to work in China and it is titled “Residence Permit For Foreigners in The People’s Republic of China”

So You Want to Teach in China

Admin - Mar 30 2015

The first thing you will need to research is what are the qualifications to teach in China. There are many various types of teaching jobs, from subject matter to language, however I’m mainly speaking about being an English Teacher (ESL).