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The Shanghai Metro

The Shanghai Metro
Admin - Apr 02 2015

The Metro

Over the years the metro here in Shanghai has been a source for interesting stories. The population of metro area of Shanghai has recently been estimated at over 25 million. Each and every day more than 7 million of Shanghai commuters wend their way to and from work or for whatever reason via the metro.

When I first arrived in Shanghai in 2003 I think it had 3 or 4 working lines. Today there are 10+. It should be noted that each line is built by a different contractor and on each line there in nothing that can interchange with another line. Wheel base, car size etc are all different. Why?? To create more opportunity for graft.

I remember in 2004, I’m on line #2. I was sitting down after a hard day’s work and a young couple was standing in front of me with their baby in a stroller. Now I’m sitting there minding my own business when this little bundle of joy decides to vomit all over my shoes. I recall it being a lovely shade of green. I of course was overjoyed at having some little angle throw up on my shoes. I looked up at the parents. They looked down at me. They looked away from me, turned and moved down the car. No “Oh Sorry” no “Can I help you clean your shoes” no nothing. I was a bit upset. As my stop approached I got up, walked to the young parents, smiled, removed one of my shoes, wiped it on the baby stroller, put on my shoe, smiled and got off the train.

There was in incident when I was sitting there on line #3 minding my business after a tough day’s work. There was a rural couple who had some newly acquired wealth…they had clean clothes… and their child were standing in front of me. This bundle of joy had on the open back pants that are sported by the babies. The bottom is completely open and you can see the kid’s bare bottom. Well mommy was holding junior and had the kid’s ass directly in my face. I was appalled, but the best was yet to come. Someone got up to offer mom a seat … thank the gods for that… she sat and after one more stop dad got to sit too. Well all was fine; at least that is what I thought. It seems mom’s little angle had to pee, and proceeded to pee all over the rail car floor. Mom though it was so cute and laughed dad did too… he spit into the pee apparently happy that the baby did not pee in mom’s lap.

Yesterday I was going to work and on the route of my train takes me to one of the 3 mail rail terminals in Shanghai. “Shanghai Railway Station” this is a Mecca for all the second tier travelers who cannot afford to fly. I’m on the train and there is an elderly couple sitting across from me on the way to the station. They have two small travel bags in front of them. Apparently they were not familiar with the stops so the elderly gentleman got up to check out the route which was posted above the exit. Within a millisecond another woman jumps in his seat. Now the wife had her hand on the seat and told the woman that her husband was sitting there. But to no avail the rude of bXXX had stolen the old gent’s seat. How rude…

So the next time you come to Shanghai forget the shopping, just spend a day on the Metro you will have enough stories to tell your friends at the next cocktail party you attend.


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