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Job Creation in China

Job Creation in China
Admin - Apr 02 2015

Now if you have read “The Hole Story” you understand a bit about the great job the Chinese government is doing in regards to creating jobs for the laboring class. But what about the university grads? They have spent many a sleepless night at KTV or playing video games. Now after graduation what can they be expected to do? Well certainly not dig holes for most do not know their azz from a hole in the ground. Something as high tech as digging a hole is well beyond their level of comprehension. So what you may ask can they do??

Well the government engaged some of China’s brightness minds and developed a think tank just to solve this ever present issue. The result?? Create more governmental jobs. These jobs are non productive, aren’t  expected to bring any value add to anyone and are non revenue generating additionally there is no investment in inventory, no quality standards, no safety issues if someone makes a mistake and the benefits are great!!

So the first step is where can they create jobs without actually doing anything. The answer…In the immigration office.

In Shanghai there are well over 100,000 non Chinese that are working in the city and they ALL need visas. The government can’t directly impact this number, but they can impact the number of visas issued.

Prior to the writing of this blog if a foreigner wanted to work in Shanghai their employer would go through the process of requesting a visa and eventually after completing all the needed paperwork in triplicate immigration would issue a visa for 12 months at the cost of around 800 RMB.

But now with the influx of new grads more jobs needed to be created so now the visas are issued by calendar year. So if you arrive in January you get a Jan to December visa, but your contract ends in January… BINGO… you have to get another visa even if only for 2-3 days. God what genius.. double the visas…no addition revenue stream as a 365 day visa is about 800 RMB.. less than 365.. 400 RMB… so what has happened here?

The government has now created twice as much paperwork and therefore needs to double its staff. What a great solution…more jobs…But wait since the largest influx of visa renewals will be in December the staff will have to be tripled or even fourpled (quadrupled) to make sure that all the papers are processed in a timely manner.

I’m sure you are wondering how can a few useless paper pushing jobs help. Well here is how:

  1. All governmental jobs are based on test scores. So more tests need to be given. More tests mean more test administrators. Pencils, paper etc.
  2. Physical exams are needs thus creating more  jobs for doctors and lab techs as well as opening more opportunities for these people to be financially influenced by some father who is greatly concerned about his loving off spring obtaining one of these jobs. Perhaps the best candidate’s results could be altered in order to allow a “healthier” person get the job.
  3. More uniforms will be needed as well as the increase in people to clean the uniforms.
  4. More paper will be needed to issue the visas there by creating more jobs in the paper mills.
  5. More waste paper there by creating jobs in the waste management area.
  6. More trips to the immigration bureau will be needed due to the increase in visas thereby increasing, metro, bus and taxi trips, which will directly influence petrol consumption and increase jobs in the petro-chemical sector.

The list goes on and on.

Now you don’t have to be a PhD in Economics to see the above results, but why is the rest of the world  NOT taking notice? I mean the Euro Zone is in a shambles, UK and US are underwater in debit and they are CUTTING useless jobs. OMG!! Take notice please. Use China as your model, your benchmark country, don’t listen to those idiots from the World Bank or IMF… they don’t have a clue. Write, email, call etc your government rep and have them read this blog, they will see the real way to make your country flourish. Certainly not by digging holes but by pushing useless paper will the world economy see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

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