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Food In China

Food In China
Admin - Apr 03 2015

Food in China is great!!! The variety is beyond compare. You can get whatever you want to eat here in China, well at least if it lives or grows here in China. I have been in China for about 6 months and decided to go out for a small get together. At that time I was living in Wenzhou which is a coastal city in the southeast of China about 150-200 miles south of Shanghai. At that time it was very well to do. So we booked a table at a local place. Now in Wenzhou the custom of the local restaurants is that there is NO menu. Everything is fresh. It is displayed in a large “shopping area” and you choose what you want. All the seafood is alive. You have your choice. Now as we walked in we saw a nice dog running around in front of the restaurant. Well after a few drinks I made the comment that I liked the dog. Well in about 5 minutes the owner drops by and asks me if I wanted to have the dog for dinner. Well I just declined…

Visited a great place about 2 hours outside of Shanghai. It was located on West North Lake? Well anyway. Had a great menu. I ate dog on that occasion, not bad…

In Beijing of course they have their famous duck. It is awesome, but also had an interesting dish there. They melt sugar and then pour it over either jams or some other type of eatable root…very cool looking as you can imagine the crystallized sugar over the food…

Shanghai’s food is sweet and a bit greasy for my taste. Most everything is fried and a bit bland. They have some tofu here that is the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life. Its grey and deep fried in brown oil and smells like SHXX…and to me takes like that as well…but the locals love it..

In some regions of China the food is so spicy it numbs  you lips…too hot… no flavor just heat. I had a friend who joined us for dinner one night. The local fare was of the spicy variety… we had bull frog, spicy tofu with pork and some fried chicken with hot peppers. Now this guy wanted to impress everyone that he was macho so he picks up handful hot fried dried peppers and proceeds to fill his mouth with them. Well in two shakes of a lamb’s tail he starts to gasp for air, turns as red as the peppers and almost passes out… I guess wasn’t that macho!!!

One thing I like about shopping here for food is that everything is fresh. You go to the local market and you choose your own live fish, snakes, shrimp, and turtles, chickens… whatever. No live pigs however…sorry.

If you don’t eat pork or are a vegetarian you will have a difficult time. Most everyplace uses pork or meat byproducts to flavor the food. MSG runs rampid…

So when you come here enjoy the food…if you have any doubts about it is don’t ask if you are not ready for the answer.

In general there are no real local liquor made in China that can be equated to any Western drinks, but there local brews are interesting. There are numerous varieties of rice wine.. some are almost resemble a light sherry…however there is a local drink which the locals refer to as white wine…well it is white or rather clear…but not wine..53% alcohol… don’t drink and smoke… could be injurious to your health… have fun in China… it is the opportunity of a life time…do not pass it by if you have the chance to visit or work here…

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