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Seoul English Village Suyu Camp 1 year position - Now Hiring - APPLY NOW

Date 2017-06-02 19:06:31 Location : Asia:Korea

Most Fun Teaching Job in Korea!!! CLICK HERE!!!!! If You Want to Enjoy Teaching in Seoul, Seoul English Village Suyu Camp is Now Hiring - APPLY NOW
Students come to Seoul English Village Suyu Camp (SEV) to take a break from their daily school and academy schedules. They learn through role-playing, dialogue conversation and through games.
Classrooms at SEV are customized for the immersion curricula with a simulated police station, medical center, post office, broadcasting studio, hair salon, cooking class and many more. Our regular program students stay at the Village for one week.
Pros to working at SEV:
1. Live for free on campus! No bills to pay! No food to buy! - You can easily save up to reach those traveling goals or pay off your student debt.
2. A large, fun and friendly community of foreign teachers - Not only will you gain the experience of living in a new culture, but you’ll live and work with a large group of teachers from other English speaking countries.
3. Situational classes - Feel good about teaching your students English they can really use in everyday life. Also, with classes like airplane, darts, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball and cooking, students actually don’t want to leave!
4. You don’t have to be smart - Okay, admittedly getting a bachelors degree was an accomplishment but you can teach English without being a certified teacher! You don’t even need experience!
5. You get paid on time! - Being owned by a reputable education company in Korea ensures that you can trust your paycheck to be there every month. .
6. Airfare provided. - Its not everyday someone offers you a free international flight.
7. Bonus - After completing the best year of your life you get extra months pay for free!
8. Vacation - Generous vacation days. Things to do, places to go, people to meet.
Cons to working at SEV:
1. No calling parents - Sorry. You may love talking to the parents who speak a language you don’t know but we don’t need your so-so Korean skills here ;)
2. No monthly report cards - We rob you of the joy of re-wording “your child is a great student” every month,
3. Bookwork to a minimal - When students bug you to play games in class, we actually have to comply.
4. One and a half hour long meal breaks - And get you get to eat for free! The audacity!!
5. Five day work weeks - We may not get all weekends off but you do get 2 guaranteed days so stop complaining!
6. Seven Eleven on campus - Providing you with unhealthy snacks during your 15 minute break times. Yes, we are all fatties!
Start Date: June, July and August. Teachers will be required to arrive two or three days before the first scheduled teaching.
Salary: Monthly salary starting from 2.0 ~ 2.2 Million Korean Won (depending on teaching experience and qualifications) Take into consideration you are living almost totally free and this salary is right up there with starting salaries at hagwons (free housing, free utilities, free internet, free laundry, free meals)
Housing and Meals: A single studio is provided for each teacher. Couples are provided with double accommodation. Three meals a day are provided when camp is in session and students are on campus.
Location: SEV is 10 minutes by bus from Suyu Station on line 4 of the Seoul Subway system. Suyu Station is twenty minutes from Dongdaemun Market.
Teaching Hours: Teachers teach one of two shifts:
Morning shift: 9:00am ~ 6:00pm,
Evening shift: 12:00pm ~ 8:30pm or
Contract Length: 1 Year
Students: Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School
Airfare: A prepaid ticket to Korea will be provided. Many academies in Korea no long offer prepaid airfare. Upon completion of the one year contract, the teacher will be provided with a ticket home.
Vacation and Holidays: Teachers are given 15 paid vacation days a year. Teachers may take vacation when they choose with Supervisor approval.
Benefits: prepaid airfare, free accommodation, free internet, guaranteed salary, Korean national medical insurance (1/2 paid by employer 1/2 paid by employee), relocation allowance, vacation days, half price Korean Language lessons at YBM Headquarters in Jongno, free meals, pension tax refund for Americans, Australians and Canadians, severance pay, physical medical check reimbursement, on site free laundry. The job is fun and the lessons are easy to teach. Our teachers say this is the easiest job in Korea!
Korean Immigration currently requires the following to qualify for an E2 teaching visa:
1. Hold a valid passport from one of the following native English speaking countries; USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and South Africa
2. Have a minimum of a BA/BS degree in any field
3. Photocopy of diploma – this must be apostille certified.
4. National level criminal background check – this must be issued within 6 months and apostille certified.
5. Self assessed health statement – this must be accurate and truthful. A medical check at a designated hospital is required on arrival to Korea. Teachers may be deported if it is found their self assessment was inaccurate or untruthful.
6. Must be a native speaker of English