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Excellent Public school teaching jobs and Junior high school jobs around Taiwan!

Date 2015-04-15 12:04:40 Location : Asia:Taiwan

Excellent Public school teaching jobs and Junior high school jobs around Taiwan! different kinds of schools hiring single, couples ASAP!

Please read job info and some teachers' reference letters below!
Those reference letters are from the teachers who got ESL jobs with us.
We have ESL jobs in many places of Taiwan

Please email us with your photo,resume.
As you apply, please send your photo,resume.
If you could also send your degree,passport ,it'd be better. If you can't send them, it is OK. and mention you see my ads on
Please also add me on Skype.

Enquire online: Talk to us on Skype: esljobtaiwan

Please do enquire online and email us. Thank you so much!! Welcome to Taiwan!

Email us your resume,smiley photo,full body photo,degree,passport so we can do our best to line up an ESL job for you before arriving.

We hire passport holders of USA, Canada, UK, South Africa,Ireland, New Zealand, ,Australia and Zimbabwe, basically as long as you're a native English speaker with a degree or college diploma,please email us.

You need a BA.BS.BEd, or a combination of 2 year college diploma, or associate degree and a TESL certificate to get a work permit.

If you do not have a degree,you must have a 2 -3 year college diploma with a TEFL ceritificate for a work permit here. If one is Asian holding any of the passports above, he or she can apply.

We have cram school(language school) openings and regular school( public or private primary,junior,senior high school) openings, if you work in regular schools, you have to have your updated original background check and notarized degrees by Taiwan embassy.Only registered teachers can apply for regular school openings. If you work in a language school,background check is not a must but a plus.

We try to place you in regular schools like private or public schools

if you are registered teachers so you get better pay .
If teachers have an APRC,alien permanent resident certificate, and a Taiwan marriage ARC ,they can likely teach in a private primary or high school for better pay.

Teaching in Taipei,Taoyuan,Hsinchu,Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung.
We look for registered teachers to work in a regular school,including public and private primary and high schools.
Pay at least 60000-70000NTD a month.
contract end bonus
Mon to Fri daytime hours only. no evening hours


Teaching in a junior high school in Taichung city!!

We need licensed teachers, or APRC or Taiwan marriage ARC holder!
we need 4 teachers!
Pay around 70000 NTD a month!!
daytime job!!
5 days a week!
1 Sat morning job per month


Teaching in Taoyuan city in a public primary school

5 weekday job-morning afternoon shift
pay about 69000NTD per month
with contract end bonus and airfare reimbursement

1 year job
only hire registered teachers with a valid teacher's license
paid national holidays
can help you find a place to rent


Bryan Wu does a great job; I’m thankful to have met him when I did.
He’s smart. I’ve felt comfortable with him from the get-go, and he set up a couple of great interviews for me that put me in exactly the kind of position I wanted.
Bryan has also helped me through the process of establishing a working relationship with my new boss, and I always felt he was there if there had been any problems or difficulties in the start-up process – all at no cost to me.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for an English teaching job in Taiwan.

Scott Kroger

I have known Bryan for over 3 years now. And in the 3 years that I have known him, he has helped me find 3 different teaching opportunities throughout Taiwan. He is very courteous and professional with his work. He takes the time to explain the details of each work assignment prior to an interview. I trust his work ethics and would highly recommend him to anyone who may be searching for a teaching opportunity in Taiwan.
Ted Lai

Hello Bryan,
Thank you so much for finding this teaching job in Taichung Taiwan for me. All the information about the job was exactly as you said it would be. The number of hours per week, the pay, the start date worked out just as you said in your emails to me. That was before we even met. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated! The fact that you picked me up at the train station and helped me find a place to live was an added bonus!
Thanks again for getting me a job here. It's working out great!

Gloria Florio

language school in Jhubei,Hsinchu, a modern area

we welcome experienced,friendly,easy going,responsible teachers

Mon to Fri work.hours between 1:30-7:30pm or so,

usually you only spend 5-6 hours at work a day but we pay a stable salary

and we allow you to teach for others in your spare time

but you have to stick to our teaching time table 1st.

you must do lesson plans well but you do not have to do long office hours.

as long as you prepare well,you only have to be at school 30 minutes early before the class start. if your class starts 4pm,you get to work at 3:30pm but

we pay a steady monthly salary of 65000NTD.

you have 80-100 teaching hours a month,but not more than 100.

;students of 5-12 year old kids.

class size: 10-20

Work permirt,health insurance offered.

you have to pay for your health insurance if you need a health insurance certificate but we can apply for you.

Help you find housing to rent so you need to rent

One-year job

we offer teaching training and you have to attend it regularly

dress code-

something formal,no shorts

class size-15-20

you can do a teaching demo on Tue or Fri afternoon

and we will pay you to see if you qualify for this job.

this job starts from Aug 1;

this job is special as it's full time you do it like part time

and we pay 55000NTD a month so you must be responsible for work.

we prefer teachers to do some teaching games in class too

you can have your style of teaching; sometimes you only teach from 4-7pm so this job is easy but you have to teach well.

We also look for teachers with a BA,BS.BEd or college diploma with a TESL certificate

Job in Banciao,New Taipei city

about 20-25hours a week to start ,we guarantee 80 teaching hours a month

and can gradually increase to 25 hours a week

based on your teaching ability.

Mon to Fri work.hours between 2-9pm or so,

you must do lesson plans well

you have at least 80teaching hr a month

540-600NTD per teaching hour

;students of 5-12 year old kids

; have an assistant in class

Work permirt,health insurance offered.

Help you find housing to rent so you need to rent

One-year job

5- day training if needed

dress code- tie-shirt,pants(male)


No jeans

class size-15-20

set materials ;

20000NTD airfare reimbursement


job in Huwei,Yunlin

Our condition is :
Work from Monday to Friday (5 days a week),
600NT$ per hour, around 78 ~ 90 hrs a month.
Students age: 7 ~ 12y, 13 ~ 18y
The teacher's knowledge and skills should cover from Kids English to GEPT High-Intermediate Level.

job in Changhua city,we can hire 2 teachers! a couple!

Miaoli county is scenic

around 20-25 actual teaching hours a week.

We help you find a place to rent near the school,treat you nicely,fairly.

salary: 60000NTD a month to start

Mon to Fri afternoon-evening teaching from 2pm ;students of 5-12 year old kids or some adults. ; now you have to work on Sat,you can ask 1 weekday off

to have a weekday,and Sunday off.Please be flexible to our teaching time table.

may have an assistant in class

Work permirt,health insurance offered.

Help you find housing to rent so you need to rent

One-year job

5- day training if needed

dress code-something formal

class size-15-20

set materials ;



job in Chiayi city

we can hire a couple

The female teacher will be full time in Kindergarten, and the male teacher will be in Kindergarten from 8:30am to 12:00 and 5:00pm to 8:00 for the elementary.

The starting date will be Aug. 1st.

so you come in mid or late July to settle down or confirm things by July 5

daytime work mostly,Mon to Fri between 9AM-5:30pm or so

you do lesson plans,grade homework..teach..etc.

pay-57000NTD a month

kid age 4-12

1 year job,we have curriculum,an assistant in class

20-30 teaching hr a week

we give a work permit,can help you find a place to rent

class size-15-20

set materials ;


job in Beigung town,Yunlin county
we can hire 2-3 teachers,same time!

school is 20 minute car drive(taxi) to Chiayi high speed rail station

The School will pay The Teacher 55000-56500NTD monthly based on ability.

NT$1,000 Birthday Day bonus.

NT$1,000 Lunar New Year's bonus.

25 real teaching hours/week

the rest of the time at the school is office hours to prepare

Hours: Mon to Fri 3-9:30PM ,Wed 1-9pm

Sat 9AM-12 noon time or so;

1-year job

Teaching 5-12 year old kids

Unpaid lunar New Year break in Feb,about 6-8 days;

ARC offered, health insurance supported

teaching materials provided

we help you find a place to rent near the school,only 4000-7000NTD a month;

we can give a work permit,ARC

kid:5-12 year old

1 year job

we only hire experienced,hard working,caring teachers who like kids ,

and those have patience,like kids,like doing lesson plans.

we may have allowance or bonus if you teach well later on

================================================== =======

jobs in Taipei,Taoyuan, Hsinchu,Miaoli,Taichung,Changhua ,Yunlin,Chiayi city,Tainan,Kaohsiung,Pingtung areas

especially , we need 2 teaching in Banciao city,Taipei county or Taoyuan city,

Changhua city or teaching in Toufen town,Miaoli county, Daya town,Taichung county ;we welcome couples to apply to work at the same area,school

job in Changhua city now.

the boss has a branch in Taichung so you have to be transferred to teach in Taichung city if the boss requires you to move there

but basically you will teach in Changhua city now;

you have to agree to teach in Taichung if required.

Changhua city and Taichung city is only 15 minute train ride

At least 80 teaching hours a month

540-600NTD per teaching hour based on your skills

Mon to Fri afternoon-evening teaching ;

students of 5-12 year old kids or some adults. ;

We need one ASAP!

have an assistant in class

Work permirt,health insurance offered.

Help you find housing to rent so you need to rent

One-year job

5- day training

dress code- tie-shirt,pants(male)


No jeans

class size-15-20

set materials ;

You are under a system whereas you will be paid for 80 hrs a month even if you teach less hours, but if you work more than 80 hours a month later I will not get paid for hours over 80 until I have paid back the school. This is how you will be paid.

You can always be paid for any teaching hours you have so you do not have to worry if your teaching hours are not paid.

Full time teachers may have 80-110 teaching hours a month as long as they teach well.As you arrive here to teach, you are not familiar with students¡¦ ability and teaching style here, with this guaranteed hours, you can adapt easily and will be overwhelmed by too many teaching hours.


teaching in Changhua city !!Changhua city is near central Taiwan

Changhua city is 15 minute train ride to Taichung city

we need a friendly,responsible ,smiley teacher to teach at least 20 actual teaching hours a week( we pay 550NTD an hour to start,but can give a raise later ) about at least 80 teaching hours a month;

if you teach well,the hours are between at least 80-100hours a month

You must be patient,smiley,like kids,can do lesson plans well.

Mon to Fri 2-9pm shift work. mostly, you do not have to be at school 2-9pm; if required,you may have 2 weekdays teaching morning-afternoon

you must prepare well to teach only

you can teach 7-15 year old kids in the afternoon

We give you an ARC,alien resident certificate

we offer teaching books and some training and you have to attend those training

1-year job

we help you find a place to rent,within walking distance

class size:20 ;


Job in Taoyuan city

There will be about 15~20 students for a class.

A female teacher would be ideal.

Joining the class activities on Saturday twice a semester is required.

**The teacher will have 3~4 weeks of vacation in a year and the reported working hours may be reduced for filing tax.

**Please note that NTD 65000/month is the salary only for afternoon work (about 29 hours). If the teacher may work for another 10-18 hours in the evening monthly, he/she will gain additional pay for about NTD5000~8000 a month.



we need 2 teachers

Teaching in Beidou town,Changuha county

you can go to Tanjhong train station 1st and take a cab to the school;

you need to teach,discipline kids well with patience

Mon to Fri work, from 9:00-12AM or so; you can take a break during lunch time

and from 2-6P:30M, totally 100 actual teaching hours a month ,25 actual teaching hrs a week,

and you have to do detailed lesson plans between classes at work too

pay: 55000NTD a month ;

free lunch

Kid age:3-15

class size:20;we offer an ARC,curriculum

1 year contract,

contract end bonus:at least 10000NTD

we can help you find a place to rent,you spend 5000-8000NTD a month

we only hire friendly teachers with smiles,good teaching skills