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English Teacher to Other Language Speakers (3-7 yrs.) - Job

Date 2015-01-22 07:01:11 Location : Oceania

To teach classes in English to students whose first language is a language other than English. Tasks Include: assessing the extent of language difficulties in students for whom English is a second language teaching students individually and in small groups out of the regular classroom, and assisting students within normal classroom settings teaching students English language skills using a variety of methods including lecture and visual demonstration providing assistance to other classroom teachers by designing special teaching programs for students with English language difficulties designing and producing teaching materials and adapting existing materials preparing course outlines and goals assigning lessons, correcting homework, and preparing and grading exams analysing, recording and reporting progress to regular classroom teachers, parents and students This is an Australian Govement initiated program for skilled workers which makes them work and live permanently in Australia. After getting your skills assessed, your profile will be updated on govement website through which employers from all over Australia will have access to your resume and can offer you a job(Jobs are subject to company specific requirements and lr permanent residency application with Department of immigration, that means you will get work and permanently settling opportunities in Australia together. Even if you do not crack the interview, you can still be eligible to migrate.& Note: This is not a job offer and we are not a recruitment agency, we are a registered immigration law firm helping skilled workers to migrate permanently in a govement program to Australia. Even if your skills match the required profile you are still not eligible to work in Australia. To be eligible to work in Australia, Oz govt has made it mandatory for individuals to get their skills assessed by relevant skill assessing authorities, which ensures the candidates skills are equivalent to Australian standards. Visas Simply team of experts will get your skills assessed and get you a job ready certificate for Australia(from a govt registered person), we will upgrade your resume to inteational standards and update it on govement websites where employers from all over Australia will be able to access it and eventually offer you a job, after you crack the interview and once you are offered with a job we will file for your work visa, and most importantly we will also apply for your permanent residency visa for Australia with the Australian Immigration which will get you and your spouse full time work rights and your immediate family a better and a secure future.