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English Speaking Teaching Positions in Honduras

Date 2014-09-17 09:09:36 Location : Central America

Lago Yojoa Bilingual School in central Honduras needs to fill two more positions as soon as possible!

Position 1: We need a elementary teacher to come down to join our team of 16 English speaking teachers as soon as possible. We had one cancellation and we are now short 1 teacher.

Position 2: We need an Academic Supervisor/lesson plan coordinator. This person needs to have experience in education and be able to review and revise lesson plans and serve as a support to our teachers to improve the level of education in our school. Most of the administration speaks Spanish and most of the teachers speak English so it would be greatly beneficial if this candidate was bilingual.

If you choose to apply, please write whether you are applying for the teaching position or the Academic supervisor position and email me your resume and the questionnaire below

The type of people we are seeking:
As a bilingual school, the teacher we require will need to teach some or all of the following subjects:
Mathematics, Science, English, Phonics, Spelling, Reading and Physical Education.
We are seeking, kind, patient, driven, and helpful candidates to come teach our amazing students and integrate into the peaceful community here in Honduras. We are a Christian school and we do not want candidates who drink excessively, smoke or take drugs or who will bring drama or problems into our school and small town. We do not require any of our staff to be Christian or follow any Faith but we insist they be respectful of Christian values and the conservative culture in Honduras

The school is located in rural Honduras; surrounded by natural beauty such as Lake Yojoa and Pulhahpenzak waterfall. The school continues to grow, and currently in it's sixth year, educates approximately 400 children, from kindergarten to Grade 10.

The benefits that we will be providing for the teachers include:
> 7000 Lempira {$350} monthly stipend
> Comfortable housing located close to the school, with internet and other utilities included.
> Our bus is provided for all transportation needs to and from school and to and from the airport.

What to do next!
If you are interested in applying for one of the positions at our school, please email :
1.your resume
2. your skype ID
3. a paragraph of intent/interest and
4. the questionnaire answers

I will respond asap because we need to fill these positions hopefully by next week.
Thank you for your interest and time!

Questionnaire :
to fill out and send with your resume:
Thanks for your application. Could you please reply with your answers to the following questions:
1. What specifically about working at a k-10 Bilingual Christian school in Honduras appeals to you as a person?
2. What skills or experience would you be bringing to our school if you were hired?
(I have read each of your resumes so I would prefer brief personal insights).
3. Please rank the following in order of importance to you:
A) comfort B) helping others C) entertainment D) Nature E) Faith F) money and benefits G) working with/teaching children
4. Do you have an objection or take any delight in teaching at a Christian school in a conservative and beautiful rural town?
5. If hired, would you be willing and able to work from 7AM to 2PM monday through friday? Would you put your students and their needs first and be a caring, helpful, safe and hardworking teacher?
6. Would you be willing and able to provide a full background check to ensure the safety of our students and staff if selected to work at our school?
7. Are there any other special needs or requirements that I should know about you in this hiring process?

Thanks for your time and interest!

Nicholas Maimone